Effective physiotherapeutic management needs to be underpinned by robust research, ensuring quality control and scientific validity.

See examples of how this knowledge is incorporated within client interactions.

Yuxuan Su Eventer

Rider and equine patients

Yuxuan Su

Eventer Hong Kong Jockey Club

“Helen has been my physio since 2018, as part of the HKJC Equestrian Team at the Asian Games, Jakarta.  During that time, her treatments ensured that I was feeling my best for competition and was able to perform to my fullest; she helped increase my mobility, worked on muscle tissue and activated the correct areas before I rode. Later in 2019, after I sustained a leg injury from a fall which required surgery, Helen played a vital role in my recovery and rehab, getting me back in the saddle after only six months. At the 2019 Asian Equestrian Championships she helped my horse recover from travel stiffness to be back in top form going into competition. What sets Helen apart is her vast knowledge in her field, as well as her sensitivity to individual needs. I would highly recommend her services to any rider and horse.”

Amy Bolt Apprentice Farrier

Equine patient

Ex-racehorse Zephyr

Amy Bolt, Apprentice Farrier

“Helen has treated my TB Zephyr since he retired from racing two years ago. He really benefits from regular treatment as he had various lameness issues whilst in training. In addition, he tends to hold a lot of tension in his poll and lower back. After treatment he is a lot more relaxed and happier to ride. Helen is an extremely knowledgeable physio who takes every bit of information on board when treating animals and I’d without doubt recommend her to anyone I know.”

Current equine and rider research publications

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View paper

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Guire R., Mathie, H., Fisher, M., and Fisher, D. Comparative Exercise Physiology; 2017;13 (1):7-12.

View paper

The Effect That A Saddle Positioned Laterally To The Equine Vertebrae Has On Rider Biomechanics Whilst Cantering.

Guire, R., Fisher, M, Pfau, T., Weller., R and Mathie, H. Journal of Veterinary Behaviour Volume; 2016; 15:82.

View paper

A Systematic Approach to Comparing Thermal Activity of the Thoracic Region and Saddle Pressure Distribution beneath the Saddle in a Group of Non-Lame Sports Horses. 

MacKechnie-Guire, R., Fisher, M., Mathie, H., Kuczynska, K., Fairfax, V., Fisher, D. & Pfau, T. 2021. Animals 2021; 11(4):1105.

View paper

A comparison between thermal activity of the thoracic region and saddle pressure distribution beneath the saddle in a group of non-lame sports horses.

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