Equine services

Working under Veterinary referral which is a legal requirement of the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. Referral can be from the client (vet consent required) or directly from the client’s vet to ensure continuity of care and best practice for each individual case.

Dressage horses treated

All horses and ponies from grass-roots to elite competition horses/racehorses and retired horses are inclusive for assessment and treatment. Solutions include:

  • Baseline assessment and treatment

  • Prehabilitation/rehabilitation programmes

  • Performance monitoring

  • Post-operative cases e.g. kissing spines, suspensory surgery, joint surgery, colic surgery

  • Post-trauma cases e.g. fractures, nerve damage, haematoma management, scar management, pain control

  • Soft-tissue techniques/electrotherapy

    Myofascial release, joint/soft-tissue mobilisations, kinesiotaping, craniosacral release, laser, pulsed magnetic therapy, muscle stimulation, TENS.

  • Rehabilitation protocols

    Movement analysis and gait re-education, equiband system, balance-stability pad training, proprioceptive work, remedial pole work.

Rider services

Riders often neglect their own rehabilitation and prioritise the health of their horse, which may ultimately limit performance potential. On and off-horse physiotherapy assessments are available and can help identify key areas for improvement. Joint sessions with a coach may identify performance weaknesses and help facilitate a SMART goal setting approach to optimise rider effectiveness.

Riders treated
  • Specialising in trauma management

  • Injury advice and treatment

    For both acute and chronic stages of fracture recovery and soft-tissue/nerve damage. Liaison with your team of orthopaedic/trauma specialists as required to ensure continuity of care and successful recovery.

  • A holistic rehabilitative approach

    With an emphasis on optimising return to function.

Secure online consultations available for riders not living locally.

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